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Toronto West End Seedy Saturday: Tomorrow!

I'll be at West End Seedy Saturday in Toronto tomorrow! 

 When: March 23rd, 2013
                                                                Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Where: Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church
Come by & buy some seeds, check out my seed saving workshop at 2:30pm or just say hello.

Seedy Sunday 2013: Peterborough's 8th Annual

Whew, I can't believe it's already been a week since Seedy Sunday. I think I've finally had enough sleep to write a post. it's a lot of thanks to those who make it happen!
costumers checking out & buying seeds at Seedy Sunday
And, thanks, to the wonderful Esther Vincent, I now have some pictures of the event. I was too busy to take too many pics!

I would like give a huge shout-out & thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped set-up, welcome & assist vendors, set-up & facilitate workshops, organize things & generally make the whole day run smoothly.

Especially to my PCGN colleagues. They're pretty great all in all.
And to the folks who set-up, organized, donated-to, volunteered at, cleaned-up & made the Seed Exchange Area possible. Thousands of seeds were traded and almost $300 was raised for Seeds of Diversity. 
busting seed exchange area
customers checking out my urbantomato seeds 

 checking out Cottage Gardener seeds 

 it was a super busy day with an estimated 1200 people in attendance. 
great shot from the stage. Thanks Esther!

Thanks to all the vendors who travelled, and brought their well loved & cared for seeds to our community, as well as worm compost, seed starting help & garlic! 
Thanks to Kate Green who led the Seed Saving 101 workshop & Robin Tench for Yes You Can! Organic Gardening Tips. 
And, a special big thanks to all of you who came out & bought seeds. I love thinking about how much seed was spread out into our community that day. it could go grow enough food to fill that church, many times. and grow a hundred times the seed. one hundred times the food. and so on. it makes me smile to be a part of it. 

How to start your seeds indoors

Some visual tips on getting your seeds started: 

Peterborough Seedy Sunday 2013 is this SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1-5pm

Hope everybody is getting excited! 
Peterborough's Annual Seed Exchange: Seedy Sunday is SOON. 
I am re-posing some details, so they are all together in one post at the top of the page! 

Sunday March 10th 1-5pm. George st united church
There will be seeds for sale from lots of great local vendors as well as an area where you can trade seeds with other gardeners. Informative workshops too. 
See you there! 

Workshop #1
1:30pm Seed Saving 101 with Kate Green of USC-Canada
Are you interested in becoming a seed saver or learning more about the craft? This workshop is aimed towards beginners, but everyone can participate & learn the basics needed to plant & maintain a seed garden this season, and get growing your own seeds!
Warning: Seed saving can become very addictive!

Workshop #2
3:00pm Organic Gardening and Composting - Yes You Can!  With Robin Tench
Yes you can! grow yummy healthy food, gorgeous flowers, and a lush lawn WITHOUT using chemicals!
With a lifetime of experience in successful organic growing, Robin will take you through the gardening season and offer tips, techniques, and recipes for gardening and composting the way Nature intended!
Featuring Robin's working worms!

Come and buy seeds (& other fab stuff) from these great vendors:

Seed Exchange Area: How To

Seed Exchange Area: Seedy Sunday 2013
The Seed Exchange area is an integral part of the event. Anybody is welcome to participate. You can bring your own seeds to trade. If possible, package them ahead of time into smaller envelopes (See details below) or envelopes, and volunteers will be available to help you divide up seed on site. Seed packages are traded on a system of trust, one package for one package. 
  If you do not have your own seeds to trade, you will also be able to take seeds home for small donations. All proceeds will go to help run Seedy Sunday & to  Seeds of Diversity Canada. 
 If you have any questions, need more information, or would like to donate seeds ahead of time, please do not hesitate to contact me: