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Starting Your Seeds

It is a little early to start thinking about starting your seeds, but since many people give seeds as holiday gifts, I thought I would be sure the information is available. It is tempting to get started, but hold out a little while longer!
Starting Your Seeds:
1) Start tomatoes & peppers indoors in late March or early April. Greens are cold hardy & can be started directly outdoors, in cold frames or indoors in early spring.
2) Collect containers that have proper drainage. Wash pots before using.
3) Fill pots, egg cartons or cell packs with soilless medium.
4) Poke your thumb into soil to make a small indentation.
5) Place one seed in each container. Cover with soil
6) Sit your plants in a bright warm & sunny place. If you don't have enough light, seedlings will get spindly & weak reaching for a stronger light source.
7) Water enough to keep soil moist but not drenched.
8) Label your containers.
9) Seeds should sprout in a week- 10 days.
10) Keep moist & enjoy watching them grow.

Focus Fair Holiday Craft Show 2010

This past weekend (Dec. 11th & 12th) the 5th Annual Focus Fair Holiday Craft Show was held at the Spill Cafe. Thanks to all of those who made it out & to my fellow vendors & organizers who made it such a success!
Amazing cutting boards from Tall Tree Farm & Woodworks

urbantomato seeds
Fantastic Prints, and craftiness from Lucky Jackson
Spats! Fashionable Accessories from the ever stylish Morgan
& amazing light switch covers from conartist crafts
Fabulous books, prints & cards from Jackson Creek Press

Prepping for Focus Fair

Currently listening to Circle i by Jonathan Richman Couldn't find a video, but it is a great song with fabulous lyrics.
I am sitting at home listening to this as I package seeds & get ready for Focus Fair!

Well now you call them a farm cause they do that the best
Circle I now it's Circle I
but you don't say 'farm' you say 'ranch' out west
Circle I now it's Circle I
They grow their greens, I say they grow their fruit
Circle I Circle I
by a bamboo fence on a rural route
Circle I Circle I
Oh oh, naked in their field but you cannot top their yield
Circle I Circle I now, hey hey hey

because there aint no potato like natural potato now
Circle I now it's Circle I
there aint no tomato like natural tomato now
Circle I now it's Circle I
and they're aint no spinach and there aint no corn
Circle I Circle I
Well, like it was natural bred I say was natural born
Circle I Circle I
Oh oh, naked in the sun, they got a suntan on they bun
Circle I Circle I now, hey hey hey

Focus Fair Holiday Craft Show

If you are looking to buy some seeds or other urbantomato goods,
you can find me here

5th Annual Focus Fair Holiday Craft Sale
The Spill Cafe - 414 George St. N
December 11th 11am-5pm
& December 12th 11am-4pm

Are you looking for the perfect place to shop for a holiday gift for family, friends, or even yourself? Join us at the Spill for the 5th Annual Focus Fair Arts & Craft Sale, December 11th and 12th to peruse & purchase a fabulous selection of unique gifts hand-made by local artists.
Contact for more information
or check out the facebook event

Final Fall photos

Here are some final Fall photos . . .
This is a very tiny cat & a very large sugar beet. I am not usually taken by such cuteness, but i couldn't resist this photograph.

Although most of the leaves have now fallen from the trees, my uploading process is a bit behind the times!
Last beet harvest of the season
future sight of the Liftlock Community Garden!

Green Update - Oct. 4th 2010

A short video featuring urbantomato talking about saving seeds that aired on our local Chex television station.

How to Save Your Pepper Seeds

Pepper are a very easy seed to collect.
1) Gather Healthy Peppers
2) Cut in half - horizontally

4) Set aside to dry on a screen or plate.



although, as i am sure you are aware, I have a deep love for tomatoes, I really do think that peppers are amongst the sexiest vegetables in the world!

can't believe it's fall