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If you would like to purchase seeds or have any questions, email me:

This Week-end

The wait is over, this week-end. Sat. March 13th - Peterborough Seedy Saturday.1-4pm

The following workshops will be available: (also FREE)
Brought to you by the Peterborough Community Garden Network-

1:30 pm - Starting Your Seeds: Everything you need to know to start your season off right.

2:30 pm - Getting the Most from Your Garden: Maximizing your Garden Space & Extending Your Season

Vermicomposting (on-going)
How to Start Your Seeds (on-going demonstration)

If you would like to trade seeds with other gardeners or pick up some interesting and rare samples for a small donation.
-seeds in labelled envelopes
-include any or all of the following information:
- # of seeds
-name of plant
- description
-special growing instructions
- grower name or contact information
** All Proceeds to Seeds of Diversity Cananda**

Check out the rest of the website for more details on vendors, and community groups.

Scarborough Seed Exchange

If you live in Scarborough, nearby, or are just looking for a Sat. afternoon activity to get you inspired for Spring, you can find urbantomato at Scarborough Seedy Saturday