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Packaging Seeds

I can't believe it, but it is that time of year again . . .
I have barely put away all of my seeds for the season . . .
& now I am up at my studio packaging them for our upcoming craft show

Where to find urbantomato

Wondering what to buy your loved ones for the holidays?
How about organic heirloom vegetable seeds?
or many other wonderfully made crafts and arts?

Dagmar Baur- Learn more about a fabulous lady

Dagmar Baur is a personal mentor of mine. She has worked tirelessly for years to support gardens, naturalization projects and community arts. She is a champion of making gardening more accessible to people who live on low incomes and come from diverse cultures. Dagmar has enriched both her own neighbourhood (engaging Bain Co-op members in greening projects) and across the city. York Community Services, Black Creek Farm and the Toronto Community Garden Network have all been strengthened by her wisdom, experience and passion.

A Party In Honour of Dagmar
As many of you are aware, Dagmar is in a tough battle with cancer. Her spirits are high but like everyone at one point or another, she needs our help.

We've all benefited from Dagmar’s commitment, knowledge and giving nature.

Now it's time to give something back! Some extra money would go a long way to improving her quality of life.

Join us!

Sunday, November 15th, 2009, 4pm - 8pm
Green Barn
601 Christie Street, Toronto (map)

Macleans Magazine- photo of urbantomato booth

There was an article in the Oct. 26th Maclean's Magazine that featured a photo of my booth from Toronto's Seedy Saturday.
Click on link above to read :
"Farmers’ markets for seed savers
The latest chapter in the local-foods craze is a grassroots protest against seed ownership" by Pamela Cuthbert

Extending the Season & Growing the Harvest

Panel Discussion: How can we increase the availability of local food while supporting farmers and business in the region??

Special thanks to Martin Oates, Lisa Dixon & Lee Galley for the lively debate and discussion & information

Extending the Season & Growing the Harvest

Here are some photos from the Wildcrafting & Herbal Medicine Workshop presented by Anna Petry of Deep Roots Farms

Extending the Season & Growing the Harvest

Some photos of the Canning & Preserving Workshop presented by Peggy Baillie of Local Table Catering

up to my elbows in rotting tomatoes!!

pictorial step by step guide to saving your own tomato seeds

(1) select ripe, healthy tomatoes, cut in half horizontally

(2) squeeze out all guts into a jar, set aside

(3) let the 'tomato goo' ferment for three- five days (dependent on weather). wait for a layer of mould to form on top

(4) once fermentation has occured, add water to jar. the seeds will sink and the 'goo' will float

(5) you may want to do this step a few times. slowly pour rotten elements from the top, add more water, repeat until only seeds and water remain in the jar

(6) strain seeds. seperate from water. rinse

(7) let seeds dry on a screen for a week or more.
you can then store them for the winter in an envelope. keep in a dark, dry and cool place . . . .

Wondering What Variety Your Tomatoes Are?

loads of cherries. bottom row from right to left
una heart stock. green grape. isis candy. yellow pear. black cherry

striped cavern

allegory sunset

white queen & hillbilly

yellow pear & costoluto genovese

black seaman

black krim

black russian

purple cherokee

green grape

from top. green grape. striped cavern. yellow taxi