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Photos for new cherry tomato varieties (or packs that needed new photos!)

 Black Cherry in all there glory! 
 Sweet Angora. Beautiful. Red & Perfectly round cherry
 Cherry Roma - Keep for a long time & are great for roasting or oven-dried tomatoes
 Red Fig - Kinda like a yellow pear, but red! 
 Hartman's GooseBerry! 
 Isis Candy on a beautiful purse from ChaCha - can't decide what photo I like best. Suggestions? 

so many tomatoes

 I picked five bushels of tomatoes this week! and they are taking over my living room

 Tomatoes & Peppers drying in a smoker. just one of the many ways I have been preserving the fruitful harvest! 
Mmm. homemade paprika. Those are my alma paprika peppers on the second shelf from the bottom. soon to be dried, then ground up . . . 

Cosmic Purple Carrots!

 My first harvest of cosmic purple carrots from my community garden. gorgeous! 

 The lovely work of Peggy-Gene Baillie in presenting the carrots & other garden goodies

i love the things that tomatoes make

 oven dried tomatoes coming fresh out of the oven, and on a pretty plate
 tomato juice, tomato paste & oven-dried tomatoes

Table of Tomatoes!

 wow, do i ever have a lot of tomatoes! belieive it or not, I took these photos last week, and just picked twice as many!