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seedlings growing along

tomatoes getting their true leaves. they'll smell like tomatoes soon! 
 it's still a little chilly out there for my liking! But, inside my 'greenhouse' things are growing along quickly. Soon they will need to be transplanted into bigger homes & then I will realize, like I do every year, that even though i thought I cut back, I planted entirely way too much! 

broccoli, kale & romanesco politely asking to be transplanted :) 

Pepper Seeds & Slow Germination

This Spring has been mightly chilly! Pepper seeds are very sensitive to cold & may take longer than usual to germinate in weather like this. 
I plant all the same seeds that I sell, so I take a lot of pride in knowing that urbantomato seeds get great germination rates.  
Below is some pics of peppers germinating! 

sweet peppers germinating after several weeks 

small chocolate peppers finally poking through the soil 
If you are having trouble getting your peppers to germinate, please: 
- have patience! some of mine took almost three weeks to pop through the soil 
- warmth is your friend. they would love a space heater, radiator, or super warm place to help them get growing. heat from the bottom is especially helpful! they don't need light to germinate, so you can keep them somewhere warm & then move them when you see signs of green :) 
- email me if you want help, or have any questions! 

My little greenhouse - seed starting

I have recently moved. I lived in the same place for 8 years & had set-up a fairly decent process for growing seedlings indoors using a series of lights & bright windows.
trays just waiting for seedlings 

 new place means new set-up. I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to grow nearly as many seedlings this year (sorry folks!)

But of course, I can't resist growing some.

little tomato seedlings poking their way through the soil 
 So here is so pics of my new set-up. It's mighty cold in my old old window sill so things are taking a little longer than usual, but they seem to be happy enough. 

brand new seedlings. 
 proof that i don't listen to my own advice when it comes to putting one seed in each little container :) and that i get great germination rates. 
broccoli, kale, romanesco & spinach grew quick in cold temps.