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warm thoughts

I am not much of a winter person. I enjoy the down time. sleeping in. reading. staying warm. but i miss my gardens. i miss fresh veggies. i miss warmth. and i miss wearing high heels. so here are some photos of what i am thinking about to help keep me warm


Focus Fair December 2011

All in all focus fair was a great success this year. Lots of fabulous customer, amazingly creative vendors showcasing their wares, and a wonderful atmosphere. thanks to the spill, our supporter, and my fellow co-organizers! 
 urbantomato seeds on display

 i have been dreaming of sock garters for years. thanks morgan!! 

 conartist and her fabulous postscards, outlet covers & buttons
 morgan cleopatra's bowties, garters, spats, cuffs & so much other great stuff!

 tall tree farms- loca cutting boards, maple syrup, birch syrup, and honey

 not the greatest photos, but a few shots of the crowd. 

Box full of seeds

 Box full of seeds. I was hard at work all week packaging seeds and getting all ready for focus fair. Got lots of packages all ready to go...

winter is coming

but my plants are still growing along great! indoors of course..
Sweet peppers setting fruit
peppers & basil blooming against a backdrop of one of our first snows here in eastern ON
 i love having the smell (& taste!) of basil, rosemary, and lavender

 There was a gorgeous full moon rising from the east last week. loving the view out of my new office window... and my pot of greens growing wonderfully. ahh fresh cilantro, kale, and lots of different lettuces..

a few more new (to my collection) varieties

 Opalka. My pantry shelves are lined with jars of sauce made from this delicious & prolific paste tomato. Originated in Poland circa 1900. Glad that I added it to my collection! 
Sweet Angora. Maybe you like your tomatoes red, but prefer them small & sweet? This little beauty grows great in small spaces, and pots, and produces perfect bite size cherry tomatoes all season long! 

black sea man tomato

i have been waiting to make this package design for a long time . . . . 

More new packs

peach paste picks

isis candy options

 above is the original. made how is used to do it, cut & paste printed little lines of print. i like the old skool look of it, but it is started to get a little worn over time . . . so, i made up some new options this aft . . . hmm. think i need to darken the font on the 2nd

black cherry choices

The photo above is what the package currently looks like, but I took the photo of the black cherry's on the plate this summer, and i like it so much i wanted to re-design the packaging to include it . . . now which one do i choose?