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bartering with talented friends

so, i just had the fortune of trading seeds with my incredibly talented friend Lori Chalmers of Cha Cha handbags who kindly traded me a designer one of a kind bag for a bunch of vegetables and flowers to be!
Amazingly when it came in the mail today, i was already wearing an outfit that matched it perfectly. fashion fate! So excited.

Reflections on Hunter St.

This is what I see when peeking in on my little plants from outside the window of the greenhouse. Interesting reflections on Hunter St.
The last seeds that I planted (april 12th?) are still just tiny seedlings. they are laughing this sun & warmth & are practically growing right before my eyes!
hunter street skyline reflected
purple cherokees and rooftops

sunsets from the only patio

Things growing in the Cannery Window

This is how the little seedlings of mixed greens starting growing along . . . within a few weeks, they started to look like the photo below. now you can even sample a few nibbles of lettuce
These are the tomato seedlings when they were very tiny, and below the third week of April, they are really starting to grow!

Here is a little baby scarlett runner bean, just as it is bursting from it's seed, and below, it is shooting for the sun & starting to grow up the lines that are holding the photos

Easter presents

Looking for the perfect Easter gift? Why not some chocolate pepper seeds? Or perhaps a beautiful little tomato seedling? Or many other colourful seeds?
Come on down to the Peterborough Farmers' Market tomorrow between 8:30am and 2pm & pick some up! (Morrow Building off Lansdowne)

Seedlings in the Greenhouse - April 11th

Mmm. They are finally starting to smell like tomatoes! So exciting
Allegory sunsets in the making
As you can see, the peppers are verrry slooow this year. I planted these peppers on March 18th and they are just starting to germinate! We need some more warm days and they will take off

Cannery Window Installation

I did a window display at the Cannery Arts Centre on Hunter St. I placed several little tiny pea, bean, tomato, pepper and mixed greens seedlings and seedlings inside a hot hot window. It's like a greenhouse in their on sunny days.
Over the month, I will be photographing, and hopefully you will be watching, the growth of the little plants. Even though it has been cloudy, i have noticed a big difference over a short amount of time. EAT LOCAL.
Mixed Greens starting to poke through!
I know the picture above is of horrible quality, but i really wanted to show how cool this little scarlett runner bean, shown all puffed up and ready to burst below, has started to unfurl into a beautiful baby bean plant. yes, i am a nerdy plant girl

Little tiny tomato & pepper plants
urbantomato seeds are also for sale at the Cannery Art Centre

Little Baby Seedlings - April 8th

Seeds Sprouting!

Yeah. seeds are starting to sprout all over the greenhouse! As you can see, i have a problem putting just one seed in each cell pack, and get excellent germination rates. so many future tomatoes!

it is still too cold at nights, and my peppers are taking a long time to germinate. give yours some more time if you are having the same problem
Just pushing their little sprouts through