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Container Garden - mid-June

Farm - mid-June

 Peppers are starting to flower! and the tomatoes are growing along. funny how small they look now. and how big they will be later. 

 I was invited to plant some tomatoes & do some gardening with a friend. I was told it was beautiful, but had no idea just how close to "Eden" a place could be! I have some serious peony envy

Last Chance for tomatoes. If you need some last minute fill-ins for your gardens, let me know. Plant em or I will!

Perennial Gardens - June 10th

 This weather is really making the blooms come & go quick. trying hard to document and enjoy every step of the way! 

More farming photos

 Little chocolate peppers (above) and alma paprika (below) growing in black plastic to help keep them warm! 

 A gorgeous view of a storm coming in from the South. Glad that my little tomatoes persevered through the 60km/h winds of the night before. they were a little flattened, but un-broken. way to go little guys! 
 My tomatoes, all lined up and looking great! 

 Dirty. Dirty garden plan. 300 seedlings in and counting! 

Liftlock Community Garden

 The humble beginnings of my plot at the Liftlock Community Garden!

 Little peppers taking root!

Cucumber seeds in mounds getting ready to sprout!

Farming - First week of June

 My plot of land, everything is so small, it is hard to imagine that a tall person will be able to disappear in the green by August! 
 Paula nicely agreed to rotovate my land for me! Now it is so much smoother and easier to dig. Nicer for the roots to spread themselves out too! Thanks Paula. I was envious of her rotovated land, and now I am envious of her tractor driving skills! 

 beautiful view to the south, i can't get enough of it! 

Irrigation system. A tractor motor sucks the water out of a spring, and then fills the systerine with lots of water for our planties. 

Poppies in Perennial Garden

oh how i love my garden. it is now a five year old perennial garden, it has grown and flourished over the years, but i think this year, it has really hit it's stride. i have barely had to do anything to it, and it looks gorgeous. i could spend days on end sitting on my porch watching it grow. as i type this, i am out front watching the irises burst under the hot afternoon sun!