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Seedy Sunday 2012 - less than two weeks away!

Peterborough's Annual Seed Exchange
Seedy Sunday
Sunday March 11th 2-5pm
George St. United Church 

Seedy Sunday is a great place to get inspired for Spring. Come out and get the knowledge, tools and resources you need to get growing this season. There will be vendors selling a huge variety of heirloom seeds, local community offering resources, advice and information, as well as a seed exchange area where participants can trade seeds or purchase some for a donation. The PCGN will be hosting informative garden related workshops.
For more information go to or contact
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Packing seeds & making buttons

Spending lots of time in my home office making buttons & packaging seeds getting ready for seed exchange and market season: 
Buttons lining up

 My old 8-track box is filling right up with packaged seeds! 

 packing my striped cavern seeds

My tomato seed collection

I have been collecting tomato seeds for over six years! wow what fun it has been. this is my chronological collection. starting in the front with some seeds given to me, then my 2006 & 2007 collections in the tines, 2008 small box, 2009 box with red flowers, 2010 bigger box next to that, and the big box at the back is my 2011 tomato seed collection. Love that the containers & the collections gets bigger & bigger each year!!
I will be donating lots to seed exchanges around the provinces soon
I need an antique post-office box or library card catalouge to hold them all 

My seed bank

At this time of the year, I take my seeds out of the various cabinets they are stored in throughout my house, and go through them to determine what I should donate to seed exchanges, what should be planted, and of course package some to sell
 Of course, I couldn't resist photographing my collection 
*For the record, you shouldn't keep your seeds this close to a radiator, or out in a sunny room, i did this just for organizing purposes

Seedy Sunday Workshops

Just announced: Workshop topic for Seedy Sunday!

Planning your Garden for the Season:
How to Maximize your Space & Optimize Your Yield
with Peggy Baillie ~ local gardening guru

Want to make the most of your space, find solutions to challenges or gain tools for your garden? Come to the Garden Planning Workshop at  2:30pm at Peterborough Seedy Sunday to discover ways to make your garden the most productive. The following topics will be discussed: Seed starting, square foot gardening/space planning, succession planning and season extension. Peggy will also provide some tools to make your planning that much easier.
Come to discover how to make your garden suit your needs.


Awesome!! Thanks to my very talented friend Jacob Rolfe for this! 

Tomato Photo Shoot!

Once the tomatoes were picked, we brought them home, and they got to star in their own photo shoot in all their delicious diverse glory. These shots are stills from an upcoming film by Brian Mitolo. Here I am describing each of the varieties grown
 ahh the bounty of the many varieties collected 
 Purple Cherokee - looks at those gorgeous stripes

 Green Zebra

 Costoluto Genovese in my wonderfully dirty hands


 Black Russian- I can almost taste their smokey deliciousness when i gaze at this shot

 Green Grape

 Black Plum - look at all of them! 

 Sweet Angora - hard not to eat these little cherry tomatoes right out of my hand when i was doing this shoot

 Black cherry - again resisting the urge to snack

 Yellow Pear


 Striped Cavern

 Hartman's Gooseberry 

Red Fig

Memories of Harvest Season

 I would like to thank Brian Mitolo for his amazing shots of me harvesting & describing my many tomato varieties. These shots make me really happy, and remind me of being out at the farm warm, and the joy I feel when my hands are covered in dirt & I am caressing my beautiful tomatoes. I will break it the shots up into a few blog posts. First, picking .... 
looks like i am dancing through the field here ...

 i love the action that is captured in these shots ... 
 cradling my little una heart stock babies

 filling up the basket, treating the little beauties like precious eggs