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Collecting Flower Seeds

here are some fairly blurry photos of my back room/ seed collecting domain.
tis the season for delphinium flower collection. they are on the plate in this photo.

also lots of columbine on the top layer. and fuzzy lupins drying below.

Down by the River - Garden # two

my first zucchini for the season . . .

and many other green things coming along. soon to be deliciously ripe.

Glorious Gardens Going Gangbusters

zealous zucchini

cute cucumbers

beautiful beans

Farming Photos . .

bodacious beets

sultry squash

bountiful basil

crunchy carrots

Porch Herb Garden

Fleming Place - Summer 2009

Home garden growing strong . . .

Whenever I get the urge to play around in my vegetable gardens . . .
but can't.
i work in my flower gardens.
thousands of seeds in potential . . .

Time to Start Collecting Flower Seeds

Now is the time to start collecting seeds from many of the plants that flowered early in your garden. I showed you pictures of my columbine plants back in may . . . .

now they are going to seed. you can tell this because the flowers have died off, and their pods are starting to brown.

the seeds inside will be dark black when they are ready.

although i don't have any photos yet, keep your eyes on your lupins & poppies. they should be ready now too!!

Some early farming photos

Here are some photos of the early stages of my garden. Although the rain is putting a slight damper on the summer, it is treating the plants well. The plants have tripled in size since these pictures were taken . . . . more to follow soon
Me, happy & in my garden . . .

mini-squash plants . . . . we are fighting an on-going battle, constantly squashing the squash beetles.

a row of tomatoes. they are growing so big & strong. i am one proud momma . . . and can hardly wait to eat them . . .

These are the first tomatoes on the plants. They are 'Stupice' variety & will turn out to be beautiful red, round & hopefully prolific!

romanesco, the most beautiful & sexy vegetable in the world (my opinion). this is my first time growing them.

a row of climbing beans . . . these will get so big over the next month, you will not recognize them as these tiny things.

Business Cards

I am trying to decide on a new business card. Here are my choices so far: