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Holiday Cheer

Seeds make great gifts for the holidays! Send me an email if you would like to purchase some or you can find me (& lots of other great artists) at this year's Focus Fair

Focus Fair Holiday Indie Craft Show
Saturday Dec. 10th 11-5 and
Sunday Dec. 11th 11-4
Spill Cafe - 414 George St. N

Come to the Focus Fair Indie Craft Show and find tonnes of local, handmade treasures for everyone on your shopping list.  Support Local Artists. Enjoy Holidy Cheer

More for information, check out the event on facebook! 

a little more grand bend

Seeds drying in my back room

 Flowers, beans drying in their husks, hot peppers. This baker's rack is incredibly handy

 Beans hanging up to dry. I had to pick them early due to a heavy frost warning. I am hoping that by pulling them up by the root, and hanging them upside down, the seeds will still develop fully

fall in the community garden

 Chard in its last stages
 Lots of happy kale still  
 Pile of greens harvested on Nov. 9th!

 Beautiful pink & yellow chard
 My garden plot put to bed under a pile of straw

happy to be in the garden on a mild November day

planting my garlic

So, today, November 14th, I finally planted my garlic. This is one of the first times I have ever done it without frozen fingers or under a light dusting of snow, and I usually get to it around Halloween. Here are some photos
 3 varieties cracked, laid out, and ready to plant! 
 Created little divots in the soil for the cloves
 Garlic in the ground

 Cloves covered in soil, and then mulched in a think layer of straw. Gives it a nice warm blanket to protect it over the winter, and then as soon as the soil warms up in the spring, they can get growing

Bringing a little of the season inside

  Before a deep frost could hit my container garden (they had been protected by a large front porch), I transported them into my home in an attempt to extend the life of the plants, and my access to fresh food, the smell of fresh herbs, and just to look at green things growing! 
I moved my hot pepper plants, rosemary & lavender directly on top of my radiator in  front on a sunny window. They seem to love having heat from underneath throughout the winter. All three of these plants have been overwintered for two years already!!
 The basil, I don't expect to live throughout the whole season, but it is still flowering, so I am hoping to collect seed from it, and the flowers are really pretty to look at
  My hot pepper plant has already set new flowers! 

 I dug up these lovely fall greens from my farm and transplanted them to pots, and placed them in a sunny window in a room that is not heated. I home to have fresh greens for a few months to come!