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hot peppers hanging out

all peppers harvested indoors nov. 16th . . . . extending the season with local winter heat inducing food!!
of course, i couldn't resist photographing the peppers in their new natural habitat . . . my living room.

hot peppers picked nov. 16th

I brought my hot peppers in from the front porch about a month ago.
they continued to ripen, flower and produce fruit.
the plants live happily on my radiator in my front window.
pictures of the plants will follow, but here are some of the varieties.
this hot pepper harvest was reaped amongst our first snow!! it may be hard to read the labels, *click to enlarge* to see african fish, lemon drop, cherry, chocolate and piquin labels . . .

the last of the tomatoes

oh, i am going to miss eating fresh heirloom tomatoes!! here is some pictures of the last of my tomato crop and what they look like when i begin the process of collecting seeds from them.

from tomato to pulp to seed . . .

delicous and divine dining

how to collect your own tomato seeds

lost in tomato mould

here are some photos of me collecting seeds. i nicely smell like tomato mould and guts for the month of september to bring you lovely seeds and plants in the spring.

growing up; going to market

here are some photos of my grown up tomatoes getting ready for market. they are the ones that many of you have planted in your gardens, and eventually the ones i planted in mine . . . stay tuned for many photos of them growing in the ground and the lovely fruit they produce. i will also be posting advice on how to get your plants big and beautiful and how to go about getting lots of delicous fruits.

little babies

okay, so it has been too long, since i updated. i had to show where my tomatoes started from before i start posting many pics of them in the garden. they grew up so quick, i barely have any pictures of them as teenagers . . . this picture was taken in early march

new packages

after days of being a one woman seed packaging production line

here is the first group of packages. they like hanging out in my kitchen