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sometimes, it's the little things

loads of filipendula blooming

look what i spotted in the weeds  
red romaine
mustard greens sprouting

last years carrot going to seed!!!
lupins going to seed

proud to say my garden is very pollinator friendly 

first tomato!! purple cherokee
cucumber is flowering

i'm excited about this drunken frizzy headed woman lettuce  
loads of tomato flowers 
squashes coming too 
extra large spiky artichoke leaves coming on now!! 

zucchini's soon 

mini peppers

summer in the seed garden

garden plan 

basil is getting big & smelling great!

Despite getting a late start in getting everything planted. things are growing like gang busters in the seed garden. i am trying to grow some exciting new things this season. growing five new types of lettuce for seed and working on an artichoke growing experiment. lots of basil for the night kitchen's pesto, and loads of peppers tomatoes of course, zucchini, squashes and cucumbers too!!

mustard seed sprouting 
red romaine   
despite planting my wimpy small tomatoes, and doing it a bit late, they are getting really big & starting to flower :) 

red corn 
speckled lettuce - you sure can tell how it got it's name 

zucchini to be 
lovely colours of purple and green  
giant kale - i think its time to pick these beauty leaves 
a little tiny pepper 

drunken frizzy headed woman lettuce 
artichoke experiment growing along  

lupins going to seed