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urbantomato seedlings for Sale!!!

Heirloom urbantomato Seedlings for Sale!!! 

- They are $3.50 each
-  Quantities are very limited, and once they are gone, they are gone! 
- Seedlings will be available for pick up as of May 23rd 
- If you want the fancy tags each plant costs $4 (fork included!) 
 - Numbers are an approximation of # of days from planting till eating
- All seedlings are heirloom & grown with seeds saved in this region. 
 - To place an order (or with any questions) please email me  

Slicing Tomatoes:
Perfect for sandwiches, beautiful tomato plates or to eat like apples :) 

Hartman's Gooseberry: Small for a slicer,
but very prolific & 
lots of sweet flavour. 60 days

Cherry Tomatoes: Delicious, sweet & Prolific. Eat em warm from the sun straight off the vine or cut em up in salads.  


White Rabbit: Tiny & prolific. These tomatoes 
have a yellowish tone & are very sweet 55 days. 
Orange Cherry Tomatoes. Sweet, pretty & prolific. 
60 days. 

Cherry Tomatoes make incredible oven dried tomatoes

Paste Tomatoes: Thick skinned with few seeds & little juice, these tomatoes are perfect for making sauces, salsas & salads where you want tomatoes to keep their shapes. Excellent for canning! 
Hillbilly Tomatoes: Beautiful pink, orange &
red thick skins. Great for sauces & salads 65 days. 
San Maranzo Tomato: Your traditional paste tomato.
Thick & perfect for boiling down to sauce. 70 days
*Opalka tomatoes are great for sauces,
but not so good for fresh eating. 


Peppers: Sweet and tasty. Firm skinned & great fresh, fried or baked! 

Brassicas: These beautiful vegetables come in bright purple & swirling green! Some of my favourites. I didn't grow these from my seeds, but it is heirloom & organic & I way overseeded the seeds I bought from Cottage Gardener 

Romanesco: Part broccoli, part cauliflower all delicious 
& yes, it is this beautiful! 

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Cold weather tolerant, 
this gorgeous plant produces purple florets of broccoli 
Siberian Kale: Hearty tasting & tolerant to the cold.
Can grow well into the winter & even tastes better after frost
Herbs: Great for growing in pots & spicing up your summer meals. 

Cilantro: You either love it or hate it!
But i think it's great in all kinds of meals. 
Oregano: Traditional greek herb.
 Delicious with meats & in many salads.
 Will spread in your garden. 
Peppermint: Great for drying & making tea or for
 adding to summer salads & cocktails.
Warning: This plant will spread once in your garden. 
Greens: Available in seeds, a few starts too:

Drunken Frizzy Headed Woman Lettuce. Lovely leaf lettuce,
mostly light green with a red shading around the edges.

Flowers: Dug up from my beautiful perennial garden: 
Bee balm: Perennial bloomer.
 Beautiful bright red blooms & incredible scent. 
Cosmos: These gorgeous pink flowers bloom 
throughout the season & 
often self-seed to act like a perennials
nasturtiums: This flower is not only beautiful & 
prolific, but edible too! 
Add the leaves, flowers or seeds to salads for a peppery flavour.  

I moved this winter, which decreased the amount of space that I had to grow seedlings. Some other changes in my life make it difficult to get to market on Sat. mornings, so with trepidation I reduced the number of seeds that I started this season. 
That being said, I can never just plant what I need, and I wanted my customers to be able to buy seedlings too.