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Captured Moments

I came across this photo while doing some work for the PCGN today. it is from the Community Garden Picnic last year. it captures a moment in time when my mom, my aunt, and several of my mentors are all standing in one circle. to top it all off, it was my 31st birthday. nice to look back on & smile.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

For those of you who know me, you are all too aware that i have an equal passion for farming and fashion. Sadly, choosing the farming side as my vocation doesn't leave me lots of extra money to buy shoes. So, if anyone, would like to buy me these shoes, i certainly would not argue! i promise to take pictures of me working in the garden in them! (and of course to take very, very good care of them at the same time!) Just putting it out there

Seed Bombs

I decided that I am going to make seed bombs for upcoming markets - more information to follow soon!
While I was researching some d.i.y methods, I came across this quote. love it! i knew there had to be other folks out there who knew about the amazingness of gardening in heels!

With the seed bombs stowed in her red bag, the stiletto-wearing Caroline takes off on her bike in search of vacant patches of public space. To plant the seed bombs, she digs holes with a trusty tool — the heel of her shoe. “Stilettos work really well,” she says, grinning
Here is a great video about guerilla gardening. get on out & get your heels dirty!

Packaging my Green Seeds

Separating the chaff

Green seeds in jars. a beautiful sight to me

& then i put them in these packages

or plant them in the ground when it gets a bit warmer

it's not quite time to plant them outside. You could build a cold frame like the smart folks at Tall Tree Farm and start getting your greens growing right away. These photos were taken last Spring in Havelock.

Women's Land Army Song

Back to the land, we must all lend a hand.

To the farms and the fields we must go.

There's a job to be done,

Though we can't fire a gun

We can still do our bit with the hoe...

Back to the land, with its clay and its sand,

Its granite and gravel and grit,

You grow barley and wheat

And potatoes to eat

To make sure that the nation keeps fit...

We will tell you once more

You can help win the war

If you come with us - back to the land

Starting my Seeds!

Sometimes at this time of year, I feel like I am working against a rapidly ticking clock. I try my best to stop & take deep breaths of Spring, tell myself that one girl can only do so much, and enjoy the season while i can.
so, today, i spent the day in the greenhouse. yeah!
After two days of washing every surface and pot, almost ready to plant
BEFORE: A clean slate to start a new season. love it.
Me. happy to be there.
Fundamental supplies:
-Labels (i use old vinyl blinds cut-up)
-cell packs (or whatever you are planting in)
Mix the Pro-Mix with water in a large container, so that seeds are going into nice warm and moist soil. they will be happy immediately. i know i was.
Fill trays with moist soil. create divots for seeds.
place one seed in each little divot.
cover seeds and LABEL. i can't stress this enough. LABEL. LABEL. LABEL. Especially for me, I planted 15 different types of tomatoes and 10 types of peppers today. If they get mixed up, there will be no way to tell what they are until august! that would be sad.
*Note: I start my seeds in March because I sell my little seedlings at the Saturday Farmers' Market. For the home gardener, you should start them 4-6 weeks before the last frost, which in Peterborough is usually between May 24th & June 1st. So wait, until the end of March or early April. If they get leggy & weak in the early part of their lives, it will be harder for them to catch-up, but if they are small & strong, they will take off!

Signs of Spring

This is my garden on March 18th. Doesn't look like much yet, but under those leaves, there are signs of spring starting to show!
Fresh Thyme & Oregano peaking out of the ground! Smells amazing

Beautiful Beets

I bought these gorgeous organic beets at the Peterborough Saturday Farmers' Market from one of my all time favourite farms - Woolerdale Organics

Seedy Sunday 2011 Photos

Photos from Seedy Sunday - here is the gym before the day started . . .
& here is a photo of the day in full swing!
Lots of folks picking out seeds for the gardens this season

Peterborough Eats & their treats

Les Bowser of Cedar Grove Farms with his potatoes

urbantomato setting up my booth

happy urbantomato customers~

crowds of folks getting inspired for spring

my new box to hold & display my seeds . . . lovely
Check out some other photos on the Peterborough Examiner website

Tall Tree Greenhouse

A sunny day in Havelock; lots in snow outside,
but it is gorgeous in the greenhouse
the smell of fresh dirt is the best thing in the world!
under this fabric is baby arugula seedlings!
raised beds ready for planting . . .