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August Gardens & Harvests - Greens starting to seed

harvests beginning to roll in! 

nothing like a big old bag of basil! mmmm 

mustard greens going to seed. i love the contrast between the dark purple leaves & the bright yellow flowers they produce when starting the seed production process 
red romaine starting to bolt 

cucumber plants covered in flowers  
drunken frizzy headed woman lettuce putting out its lovely flowers which will turn to seed for next season
another pic of the lettuce forming seeds 

beans galore. it's hard to leave some of them alone so that they can produce seeds. I planted lots this year so that I would have some to eat, and some for seed. These are Provider Green Beans 
Purple beans starting to produce. They are so beautiful in flower & fruit 

planted lots of marigolds this year, i am found of this extra puffy variety 
tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. First of the vine? Purple Cherokee
late blooming lupin!
lots of squash blossoms with fruits to follow 

beans & cucs and first min pepper of the season 
dill starting to produce seed. I have been picking some for pickling, but lots of seed still coming on 

arugula has bolted & is now starting to flower, next step, seed production! 

sunset lettuce has bolted too. i am very excited to have all these new lettuce varieties in my collection 

Despite the cool temperatures, this has been a great summer for peppers so far. Still waiting for them to ripen, but the plants are loaded with fruit  
not a lot of tomaotes yet, but tonnes of beans & cucumbers 

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