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Starting your seeds indoors

Starting Your Seeds:
 The following are some basic tips & advice & tools that help you get planning & ready for when it is time to start your favourite seedlings.
When to start different vegetables: (See seed starting chart information
1) Start tomatoes & peppers indoors in late March or early April. Greens are cold hardy & can be started directly outdoors, in cold frames or indoors in early spring.

BEFORE: A clean slate to start a new season. love it.

Fundamental supplies:
-Labels (i use old vinyl blinds cut-up)
-cell packs (or whatever you are planting in - you can also use egg cartons or other containers with adaquete drainage.)
-PRO-Mix (soil less medium that allows for air flow, and the little seedlings room to push through)
Mix the Pro-Mix with water in a large container, so that seeds are going into nice warm and moist soil. they will be happy immediately. i know i was.

Fill trays with moist soil. create divots for seeds.
place one seed in each little divot.
cover seeds and LABEL. i can't stress this enough. LABEL. LABEL. LABEL.
10) Keep moist & enjoy watching them grow. Keep a fan on them to help prevent mould from forming in damp soil and to help them build resistance against wind damage

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