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Seed Saving

Believe it or not, it is mid-July already, and that means it is almost time to get into some serious seed saving. Here are some photos of some seeds coming along out in the gardens:
These are some snap peas going to seed. The plant starts to brown & die back, & the pea pods themselves start to yellow & swell with pea seeds (peas!). I would leave the peas on the plants for a week or more after this point. Collect the pods & let them dry on a screen . . . . next year, you'll have more peas to plant!
This is a photo of spinach going to seed. As with all greens, when they are done producing (or they bolt), they will send up a flower stock. This flower stock is what will eventually yield seed
These are radishes going to seed. You can see the pods forming out of the purpley flowers
More lettuce creating seed pods . . . wait till the pods go from green to brown before harvesting . . .
Arugula going to seed . . .

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